May 30, 2024


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iving With My Parents Is Putting Me At A Disadvantage – Reader Cries Out

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I am 24, will be 25 soon. I am this indoor person and so I hardly meet people. My first relationship ended like two years back and I haven’t been in a reasonable one since then.

I meet people online cos I don’t get to meet them offline, most of the guys I meet are based in different state from mine and they don’t mind me visiting, but once I tell them I live with my parents and would need their permission to come visit, they just stop getting in touch.

I have lost over 5 potential partners because of this, they all feel we should be comfortable with ourselves first before putting parents matter into it.

Some don’t see it as a big deal living with my parents, they just find it funny that they wouldn’t allow me go visit my boyfriend (note that they wouldn’t know him bfr I go visit)

I can’t even think logically anymore that’s why I am here to ask Wether the problem is with me or them.

The only one I met that has travelled to come visit me is verbally abusive. He met my mum and wants things done the proper way.

I am really exhausted. I guess gone are those days where you have to meet your potential wife in her father’s house.

I told my mum I want to start attending youth church and she object to it saying I can only change church after I get married.

My sisters are lucky tho, they got a job outside our state and moved out of the house

What Should I Do?

I will be in the comment section.

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