April 19, 2024


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PLEASE HELP!! I Saw My Friend Eating SHIT In His Parent’s House, Please What Should I Do?


Hello Mrbloadites,

I hope i’m sending this at the right time?

Please I need advise from people on Mrbloaded about an unbelievable thing I saw with my eyes yesterday.

Me and my friend had been living together for about 3 years now, though I live at his parents house with him since it’s closer to my work place and I think this shocking thing that happened will make me leave.

Yesterday, when I was coming back from work and on getting home I saw my friend eating shit in the toilet, I don’t know if that’s his own or someone else’s own but why will a human being be eating shit?

First, I thought maybe he had a private issue which the family knows about and he had to be eating shit but I haven’t seen him do this for the past 2 years and some months we’ve lived together.

Again I thought maybe he has got himself in this Yahoo boy thing that they had to eat shit to get big money from their clients I don’t know.

When I saw him he actually didn’t see me and now I’m scared, I don’t know if I should ask him why he is eating it or rather go and and tell his parent what I saw.

Please I need you guys advise on what to do about this issue.

Should I Ask Him Why He’s Eating Shit Or Tell His Parent What I Saw?

I really need your advise

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