July 21, 2024


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Shoody B Drops a Hot New Single “Tenses” – A Must-Listen for Afrobeats Fans

Shoody B

Shoody B Drops a Hot New Single “Tenses” – A Must-Listen for Afrobeats Fans

Afrobeats rising star ShoodyB makes a triumphant return, launching into the new year with his latest single “Tenses.” This track, his inaugural release of the year, is already making a splash in the music world with its irresistible rhythms, enchanting vocals, and unforgettable lyrics.

Shoody B

“Tenses” blends traditional afrobeats rhythms with modern production techniques, crafting a sound that seamlessly merges the past with the present. As the beat kicks in, its infectious groove immediately captivates listeners, providing an ideal canvas for ShoodyB’s vibrant vocal performance.

A notable aspect of “Tenses” lies in ShoodyB’s adaptable vocal prowess. His silky adlibs and supporting melodies glide effortlessly over the rhythm, highlighting his vocal flexibility and skill in seamlessly transitioning between different tones and styles.

Shoody B

With its catchy melody and irresistible rhythms, “Tenses” is bound to have listeners moving on the dance floor. Its lively tempo and infectious energy make it an ideal inclusion in any party playlist, guaranteeing its popularity among afrobeats enthusiasts across the nation.

But “Tenses” isn’t just about the music – it’s also about the message. ShoodyB’s lyrics explore themes of intimacy, passion, and self-expression, especially with bars like, “my cinderella, my cindere, wa ba mi jo, ma pe tenses”, resonating with listeners on an engaging & intimate level.

In essence, “Tenses” stands as proof of ShoodyB’s prowess as both a singer and a lyricist. Its captivating rhythm, contagious melodies, and enticing lyrics promise to resonate with both long-time admirers and newcomers alike. Don’t let this opportunity slip by—ensure you include “Tenses” in your playlist today and immerse yourself in the brilliance of ShoodyB’s newest musical gem.

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