July 19, 2024


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AK Gunshot shut it down at Party after Party Odo Ape Kogi State

The popularly known Ak Gunshot shut the show down at Party after Party,Odo Ape, Kogi State. It’s no longer a news that AK Gunshot Is one of the most profound blown artiste in Kogi State. As usual AK Gunshot shut it down madly with his fans getting up in the groove of his feel of songs. AK Gunshot had dropped hits back to back such as One Question, Oro Kanka and lot more.

One Question is a song that really gave his attention to the masses. More of his music are far spread in Kogi State and also spanning into many other states. AK Gunshot is getting more viral with his style of contemporary music.

The icon is getting is music far and wide, within and diaspora…

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