September 30, 2023


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My Fiancee Went Back To Her Ex, What Does It Mean?

If you concentrate on the wrong ideals in your relationship it won t be long before that relationship fails 1

My Fiancee Went Back To Her Ex, What Does It Mean?

You have being dating a girl for a year and all of a sudden she broke up with you and went back to her ex.

This was the same ex who she said she hated so much and would hurt him if she ever saw him again because he used her & took advantage of her.

We have been dating for a while, and she has never complained that I do not do my duties as a boyfriend.

This is still as a shock to me, and I am currently dumbfounded.

A lot of things has been going through my head as I honestly do not know what I did wrong or did not do.

So guys,

Do You Think There Is Something I Am Not Doing Right Or Does Her Ex Have Something I Don’t Have That She Went Back To Him?


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