Firechriz X Hotkid X Peiotees – Ko Ma Gbon

Firechriz X Hotkid X Peiotees – Ko Ma Gbon

Firechriz, Hotkid, and Peio Tees are three of the most exciting artists in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene at the moment. Each of them brings a unique sound and style to the table, and their new song “Ko ma Gbon” is a testament to their incredible talent.

“Ko ma Gbon” is the perfect showcase for these three talented artists. The song’s upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and infectious hook make it an instant earworm that will have you humming along after just one listen.

Firechriz’s smooth flow and clever lyrics are perfectly complemented by Hotkid’s soulful vocals and Peio Tees’ infectious energy.
listen and Enjoy:



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