June 19, 2024


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Guys, Has A Lady Ever Toasted You Before? How Did It Happen? (Share Your Experience)

akkiinf out

Hi Guys!!

In this part of the world, we regard a lady toasting a guy as something odd and weird, why?😭

I don’t really know as we feel it’s just a normal thing for a guy to be the one to shoot the shot but when a lady does that, we all feel shocked.

The first time a lady asked me out, I felt like WTF 😵 I laughed and left but her persistence made me feel like she’s serious.

The very day, I accepted, we had sex and after the sex, that was the end.

That’s my experience and I would love to hear from you guys too 👇
Guys, Has A Lady Ever Toasted You Before, How Did It Happen?

Would You Take A Lady Who Toasted You Serious In A Relationship?

If A Lady Has Never Toasted You Before Just Type “Hummmm”

Let’s hear from you

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