June 15, 2024


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LET’s TALK:- Do You Believe Nigeria Can Ever Be Great Again? (SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS)

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Hello Everyone!!

It saddens my heart that anytime I got in the midst of people discussing about the the present problems and the future of Nigeria, there is always one person that will come up with the question, Can Nigeria Ever Be Great Again?

It’s more heartbreaking to even know that many youths have given up on Nigeria with strong belief that it’s not going to better, so they just have to survive through any means available.

The Questions That Comes To My Mind Every-time Are

Why is it that fuel price never decreases?

Why are there no improvement in the power sector yet?

Why is it that our politicians still feel the need to travel abroad for treatments?

Why are there no significant improvements in the education and health sector yet?

Why is it that there are no solutions yet SARS brutality?

Why are our military forces incapable of defeating Boko Haram after all these years?

Till today, all the question raised above still sounds like rhetorical question despite the fact that they bothers on what Nigeria has been facing for years.

The question here is

Do You Think Nigeria Can Ever Be Great Again?

If Yes, What Do You Think Can Be Done To Make Nigeria Great?

If No, Give Your Valid Reason Why?

We would love to hear from you all

Drop your comments

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