June 15, 2024


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Single Guys ➺ Do You Need A Girlfriend/Wife, Then Stop Doing These 5 Things



Are you ready to get a Girlfriend/Wife and enjoy all the fun that comes with a race romantic relationship?

Or you want to continue making excuses, talking yourself out of approaches and spending lonely nights with your Vaseline (no pun intended)


If yes, you can either read on bro or just close this page; and keep on living a life of excuses while your friends, who are more socially aware keep getting all the beautiful girls.

Stated below are 5 attitudes/mistakes which can automatically turn a girl off and suggestions on what you should do instead.

1. Whining

To whine is to complain annoyingly. Take back a sec and think about your previous Convo/relationship in which you complained bitterly.

Was all the whining worth it? I bet your answer is no

Learn to always sort things out I’m a mature way. If you continue whining, it won’t be long before she starts comparing you with other guys.

2. Clinging/Neediness

This is one of the biggest turnoffs for most women. In the dating scene, it means being emotionally dependent on a woman.

Are you needy?

Logically evaluate your previous convos/relationships to see if you are a victim of this attitude. If yes, then learn to give women space. Allow them to be their own person bro.

3. Tightwad/Stingy

How stingy are you bro? Do you freely give? I do not mean giving like a maga or ATM oh..

Learn to give to a girl when she deserves it. Armed with this idea you won’t given like a “maga” or be considered as one. For example, a guy sending cash/or 1500 MTN to a girl who doesn’t call him/or give him attention is a pure “maga”.

She doesn’t value you bro, so why waste your time?. Only do things for girls when they deserve it or when they are invested in you too.

4. Laziness

Are your passionate about your life or just like spending hours looking/chatting with girls? Chatting and looking for girls all day will, in the long run, only make you look jobless and lazy.

Get busy with yourself bro. Focus on your dreams and aspirations( Work, School, Hobbies, Talents). Start doing something worthy and women will like and appreciate you more.

5. Over eagerness for Intimacy/Groping

This one is huge. You will need to understand attraction is in stages before you get rid of this one.

You met a girl off this morning and you want her to be your wife/gf on the evening of that same day? Calm down bro.

Attraction, as it pertains to women, is not a logical thing- it’s emotional bro. No need to rush it. If you are exhibiting the qualities of a bf/husband/ already, you won’t even need to to ask her out.

Over eagerness for intimacy, oftentimes, is a sure symptom of being clingy which invariably results in desperation.

Evaluate your dating scenarios and make the necessary corrections. Worthy mentions no included here are: jealousy and hot temper/getting angry easily.



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