June 19, 2024


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[Upcoming Artiste] Do this Six things if you want to Blow as an artiste

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Do this Six things if you want to Blow as an artiste

Today on Mrbloaded,

We want to consider six things you need to do as an artiste to be well know and get popular. As we all know, the music industry is no longer as easy as it was years back.

The Nigerian music industry is getting complicated to many, including individuals talented enough to take it by storm. This is the case with most upcoming artistes as they hardly know what needs to be done.

Looking for a label won’t help. Just concentrate and do your own thing.

Nowadays, labels hardly sign an artistes without a successful independent career.

As an upcoming artiste, frustration will come after years of putting effort to the hustle but still no good result.

Many do give up because they can’t handle this frustration. You should always encourage yourself having in mind that most top artistes didn’t make it that easy.

It took most of them years of trying and they were once rejected by the said audience who appreciate them today.

Get A Slogan

Notin dey happen”, “Yaga”, “Wayasay”, “Skiboroboskibo”, “Iskaba”, “O.B.O Baddest” are some popular slogans from some of our top artists in the industry.

Get something unique and make it all yours.

Here is a brief and concise list of 6 steps to follow to hit it big in the Nigerian music industry.

1. You need  Money

The No 1 key factor that aids other factors is Money. Hey, without money today, you can hardly make a story in the music industry. Don’t let anyone deceive you, you need money to make things happen.

2. Write a good song

You need a good song to pull the right audience for your song.

How to know your song is good – Give about 10 Music critics to listen to or find sincere people, beg them to be sincere. If 80% agrees that your song is good, then do the next step below👇

3. Get A Talented Producer

Well, since most upcoming artistes are broke, look around for a producer who is good, but has not blown. You are like Arsenal, you need quality, but don’t have the money to spend big, so you need to watch out for talent. Do a song with such a producer, bearing in mind that you need to get what you want. This should be OK for you.

This is a very important aspect of music. As an upcoming artist you should try to work more on your rhymes, mixing and mastering.

Make sure you work with a studio that have a better sound card, a decent condenser microphone and find at least a semi-professional who will mix and master your song.

4. Feature a trending big Artiste

(Olamide,Davido,Wizkid, kissdaniel) or feature any fast rising upcoming who has his video played back to back on Afropop,hiptv,mtvbase and has a good fan base.

5. Shoot a good/ standard video of the featured song

Your video must be of good quality and acceptable by all TV stations. Good quality video attracts people.

6. Do good promotion

You need promotion to get your required boost. Get your song on radio stations, always perform on street shows, relate with DJ’s for your song to get a place on their mix tape.

And don’t forget to always promote your songs on top entertainment sites, such as Mrbloaded and Others.

“Even real talents still need promo” Falz” talk am.

Good promo is not about putting your song on many site.

Note: when people search your song on google, the first link that appears is where people download your song. So don’t waste money but that doesnt mean having your song on many site is bad.
What is a Good Promo
Your promo should be on three levels.
 – Blog

 – Radio 

 – TV
Blog with a blogger that Repeats the broadcast of your song. Popularity of a blog is good, but popularity without consistency is bad. Blog is for online awareness, imagine if your song is played on radio just once and you think people will get to know you 🤔 Consistency holds the music industry. If it is not consistent, it will fade away….

Try to have a backup plan should in case things didn’t go as planned, I advice you get an educational qualification or better still learn a trade.

If you don’t know, most top artistes are degree holders.

Thank you for reading. Bet you, application of these steps will land you save.

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