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ML MUSIC REVIEW!! Davolee’s “Festival Bar” EP – Here Is What We Think About The Music Project Posted by Jelili Adekunle on Jun 3


Show me a Nigerian rapper who can tell life stories with rhythm and punchlines.

One of the music projects I so much have high anticipation for is Davolee‘s Festival Bar EP.

All thanks to Olamide for discovering this amazing story-teller and talented artistes. Not many rappers can do storytelling with rap but Davolee seems to do it effortlessly.

That rough studio freestyle video of Davolee doing Festival Bar part one for Olamide and other YBNL crew got me glued to Davolee’s craft.

This particular EP is a perfect rap-stories that does not require noise, force, or jumpcut delivery like that of this other rapper always dissing the “Way” crooner.

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Festival Bar – Part 1

The story of a talented artiste who needed to hustle as a bar attendant and eventually got sacked over an offense committed by another person is a very interesting one.

This introductory story sets the tone for Segun’s (Davolee) story making it more like a movie series, you just want to catch up with the story from the beginning to the very end.

This project is a full torchlight into how Davolee started his life from Zero to a full-fledged professional artiste.


Festival Bar – Part 2

Rodo’s story continued in Festival Bar – Part 2 where he proceeded from bartending job to a sand-packing hustle.

As a hustler with big dreams, he realized he cannot end up a sand packer for life, he then proceeded to a 17,500 motor-boy job at a pure water company.

Working and funding his career from a 17,500 naira job won’t be an easy thing. This should be a good example for all upcoming artistes.

Get a job, invest in your career then pray every day to see someone who will be attracted to how far you have pushed yourself and decide to invest in you.

Festival Bar Part 2 is really a motivation. If you know, you know!


Festival Bar – Part 3

Sincerely, after having access to the full Festival Bar EP, I had to jump into this Part 3 because I still had Part 1 & 2 fresh in my head despite being released as separate singles long-ago.

Like everyone else, I wanted to know how he saw Baddo‘s greenlight and eventually became a part of YBNL family and it is quite interesting to know that Olamide gave Davolee a VISA into the music industry after failing to secure a VISA to travel abroad.

This is a serious life lesson for everyone struggling to make it, failure is part of your success story, just don’t stop the grind.

Davolee caught Olamide‘s attention after he failed in rap battle amidst English rappers on radio.

This is to tell everyone out there that, keep doing what you know how to do best no matter what, you don’t know who is watching you. One day, you will succeed at it.


Festival Bar – Part 4

The concluding part of the Festival Bar EP addresses the question of Why Davolee Left YBNL?

If you follow the story from Part 1, you will notice Segun (Davolee) is a very hardworking person who knows his worth and have a clearer picture of what he wants in life.

He knew he wanted to make music, he has a strong belief in his talent and he would rather make moves that favours his life-goals rather than die enduring shit.

In Part 4 of Festival Bar, Davolee explained how Olamide gave him an opportunity at YBNL and after making some mind-blowing songs, the YBNL opportunity started turning in the opposite direction of his personal goals.

The label started gathering a crowd of artistes without a genuine plan of pushing.

As a street boy who has experienced a lot of hardship, moving away from a label that already gave him the platform wasn’t such a dangerous move afterall.

Davolee moved away to find a “Way” (a good song that became hit without any promo).

It is crystal clear in this Festival Bar EP that Davolee is a combination of hardwork, Smartness, and Talent.



Overall, we will rate the EP 7/10

Rodo has peppered us again!!

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